Top Church Dudley Skyline

Our Story

The story of Top Church goes back 800 years but this chapter of our story begins at the end of September 2018 when James & Esther Treasure put out a call for people to come and help plant a new thriving Anglican Church in the heart of Dudley.

Resourcing Church

New Resourcing Church

In 2017 the future of Top Church was looking very uncertain: with the congregation in gradual decline for a decade, and the iconic building being placed on the ‘at risk’ register. Thankfully, the Bishops of Worcester and Dudley decided to seize this opportunity by creating a new resourcing church. Over 7 years, from 2018 onwards, Top Church will receive £2.5m from the Church Commissioners in order to start afresh. Since those early days in 2018, and with only a handful of people, we have grown to around 150 people and have plans to plant another church in 2022. We would describe ourselves as charismatic, evangelical and sacramental and if you aren’t sure what that means come along to one of our services to find out!

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission

We are situated at the top of the hill of Dudley High Street, Top Church (as St Thomas and St Luke is known locally) and our vision is to be a thriving Anglican Church which is a blessing to its community and will resource other churches. Its mission is for people in Dudley and beyond to experience 'life in all its fullness' as Jesus promised.

Life in all its fullness
Our Vision and Mission

Our Values

These values will guide the fulfilment of the vision and mission. Together they form an ‘ecology’ of the fullness of life, each in interplay with all the others, they will be:

Worshipping God is one of the most profound experiences humans can have and our highest priority: it forms us into God’s people and roots us in God’s story.

People are more connected today than ever before yet loneliness persists. At its heart, church is a community where we can all participate, build trusting relationships, receive care and create space for others.

We seek to be open to the Spirit through worship, engagement with the Bible, drawing upon church tradition and listening to one another.

We recognise we all start our spiritual journeys from different places but believe we are called to be formed into the likeness of Christ.

To give and treat all people with dignity no matter their age, gender, health, race, marital status or sexuality.

The possibility of hope opens up our futures and is given even in the darkest moments.

People can become and do more than they can ever imagine because they are made in God's image. We want to be a church that ignites and nurtures aspiration in people.

A Voice
We are committed to helping everyone find their voice and when necessary speak for those who have no voice.